I want to discuss about a few things.

Ever since I got Lethal Company and have been playing it a lot, my Lethaltage series has been doing great so far. Because of this, I’m almost at 100 subscribers at the time of writing this blog, and I’ve been having a fun time playing Lethal Company. However, as much as I want to keep playing this game, I don’t want to keep playing it constantly for the rest of my channel. I want to be doing other things on my channel to keep you entertained on my channel. When I created this channel back in 2021, I wanted it to be another gaming channel. However, my specs were limited at the time. I’ll put them on the screen when I get to editing. Basically, with the GPU I had, I felt like I was limited to what I can record. However, with the GPU I got, I should be able to do a bit more stuff than what I was able to do. Though I am still limited to what games I have due to the config I have right now.

However, this isn’t gonna stop me. There are a couple of things I want to try out on my channel. Couple of those things I want to try out are reacting to memes and You Laugh You Lose challenges where for those who don’t know is basically the video ends when I laugh. Though I’m pretty sure there are a ton of those videos out there. I have also been doing things with Theo, aka Gamble, ever since I have been doing a couple Lethal Company sessions with him. At some point, I’ll be able to get those videos uploaded. I also have a few ideas for videos I want to do. I will guaranteed be doing those and I will try to think of other ideas down the road if possible. However, I would like to do a meme reaction video to start things off.

When I’m not recording and editing, I usually play around with making music which both this and YouTube take a lot of effort. I’m not necessarily gonna get it first try, however, I’m gonna have to preserve and put in the effort, as I believe this will be the path for me and I have to put in as much faith and effort to follow my path. I do remember mentioning about one of my podcasts, but I really haven’t been able to get to the time, so as of now, I don’t have any updates for it yet. But I’m still experimenting on music production and figuring out how I can improve on these videos and music I create. Feel free to leave a comment on how I can improve. And if you guys want to listen to the creations, I have a separate playlist for all the music I create. I’m not sure about listing them entirely on my channel however. That’s something I’ll have to figure out as well.

Now for streaming, it is an interesting topic to get to. I do want to stream. However, I feel like the network I’m running on right now might be a bit limiting, but I can try to stream something if you would like to see me do so. I can setup my computer and maybe try streaming a few times to see how it’ll go on there. If I ever do streaming, I’ll most likely do it on Twitch as that’s the main platform everyone goes to when anyone wants to stream. I do would like to post a meme reaction video by Friday, so keep an eye on that.

So overall, I want to start doing more things on my channel such as meme reactions and You Laugh You Lose videos. I want to do other games as well other than Lethal Company. I’ll still keep doing my Lethaltage series. I find that a whole ton of fun. Let me know how I can improve and if you viewers have any suggestions for me for anything I want to do or what you would want to see. I’ll be up for it. Thank you so much for watching this video. Thank you so much for reading this blog if you read it all the way.

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Here’s a couple things I would like to talk about

If you’re subbed to my YT or have seen my channel recently, you would’ve seen I have three latest videos titled Resurrection, Lobby 1, and LMMS Bass Test. Lately, I’ve been getting more into music production. Don’t get me wrong, my channel is still a gaming channel where I want to go through in the future. But whenever I’m on my own time, I would go on LMMS or Beepbox or Jummbox and play around with a bit of chiptune and notes. I also have another phone and a usb-c hub I can connect another USB Microphone I can actually use to record some sound effects to mix into it. I do know that music production is hard because I’m actually having trouble trying to get a beat in something I’m currently making. I don’t want to go too fast as if I want to continue also making music, it’s actually gonna take time for that. For this track I’m making, it’s supposed to be some type of chill beat. I do would appreciate any types of advice for future music and how I can get better at it, same for video editing.

Speaking of, I have actually made a schedule this time when I want to make videos. This is how I planned out my schedule for uploading:
MONDAY: Upload Video
TUESDAY: Clip for YT Shorts
WEDNESDAY: Upload Video
THURSDAY: Upload Video, Clip for YT Shorts

This is what I would like to follow by. As of now, I would like to focus on both Splitgate and Apex Legends. Apex Legends as it is still a popular game, and Splitgate as I’m still excited of the new game that the developes at 1047 (Devs of Splitgate) are creating! Once that launches, I’ll likely switch from playing Splitgate to playing the new game once it launches, but I do would like to actually do more of this in the future. My main focus for my main channel is to be mainly focused on a gaming comedy channel, and maybe livestream in the future.

I might be going a bit too far or too fast.

I have been lately running out of ideas of what to do for content, but it’s actually myself to blame because I haven’t actually been taking effort and immediately just getting everything straight forward. What I’m saying is that I need to take a step back and start from a new perspective. Recently, I’ve uploaded a few Disney Speedstorm clips to get started off with.

Essentially, I want to start making a bunch of clips and posting them on my YouTube and Tiktok from any gameplays I do on Disney Speedstorm. I’m not sure if I’m going to be doing any clips from Counter Strike 2 or some other game. Might do more of Splitgate again on YouTube if that ever gets me somewhere, but I’m not sure as Splitgate hasn’t received a lot of popularity and reports of a similar game by the dev, which is exciting for me and I’m willing to play it on my channel once it comes out. Basically, I am trying to only focus on two games, which Disney Speedstorm is one, and I don’t know what other game to focus on. If things go right, I might do Splitgate vids and clips as well as I do would like to play the new game that the devs might release.

I am still working on my communication skills however. I’ve been searching for Discord servers I can voice chat through, and I’ve been talking a bit more here and there. Made a couple friends, one who wants to do streaming which can help the both of us, and I do have a friend I have met from Splitgate, which is a Halo fan. Unfortunately, I have never played Halo before, and I couldn’t run it well with the specs I have right now. There might be a chance I might play it in the future, but I have to do with the PC specs I have right now. I tried playing Halo Infinite, but I ended up deleting it as I was getting slideshow framerate when I entered into a match, so that was a no-go for my computer’s specifications. I’ll try experimenting between making clips and short content on three games being Disney Speedstorm, Splitgate, and Counter Strike 2 as of now. I might do a bit of Tetris as well. Doing this experiment may be able to get me somewhere if I’m entertaining enough. I just gotta make sure to keep up with my schedule, and upload clips daily if applicable. I just gotta take things slow and put in effort to what I’m doing. I don’t want to remain hopeless, depressed, and not being able to advance in 5 years. I just want to be able to communicate, have more fun times, and being able to do more than just sit in a chair all day and game without recording.

If you would like to leave me suggestions for how I can improve or any game I can play and make clips on and watch more of my content I would like to experiment on, feel free to subscribe on YouTube and follow me on Tiktok, X (Twitter), and Mastodon.

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My plans on YouTube & this related career

I recently have bought a used Geforce GTX 970 and was able to upload a video awhile ago. It was mainly about a video game where I grab blocks which are magnets and solve the puzzles by controlling the positive and negatives and enabling anti-gravity as well. Other than that, I still might be struggling to figure out things on what to record videos on as I don’t have a lot of things. Not even games in my Steam or Epic Games library. I don’t have a lot of friends at the same time who do YouTube or Twitch, so at the same time, it might be harder for me to do this. I don’t have the most powerful things such as a powerful gaming pc. I am saving for a Framework Laptop right now. I have a lot of money right now, but not enough to purchase it. I need to find a job at some point so I’m able to purchase what I have been wanting for the longest time.

I also have a podcast I would like to get back to. It’s just picking the perfect times the others will be available to get on Discord and record the podcast. I do have a microphone I can record on, which is not a bad microphone, though I would have to use Voicemeeter, which is not much of an issue.

There is another channel I want to create which is basically a comedy tech channel where I take a look at a bunch of technology things and gadgets I can find. In my current room situation, I would need to get a desk setup to get that far as from the wall to me is 20″, so that’s not gonna be enough room for me to do the thing. It might be a longer wait for that channel, but I still want to get the laptop first before I do anything else. If I’m able to as well, I would also be able to get a capture card and be able to use my laptop with the capture card to record from my gaming pc. Which will be funny because while my gaming pc runs on Windows 11, I’m gonna have Linux running on the Framework laptop which will HOPEFULLY end my distrohopping I’ve been doing too much of on the lenovo laptop that is failing on me in some ways (still works normally for the most part somehow), so if I configure Linux and OBS Studio on that computer right, I’ll be able to record things from that and also be able to record my Nintendo Switch as well, meaning I’ll be able to record some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sessions with others and some games I have or plan to get.

However, the way I talk is the main issue with me. From my last few years of school ever since the one thing restricted all of us in late 2019, I have been losing communication and stayed a lot more quiet and haven’t been wanting to do a lot of things. It was hard for me to talk more perfectly to people, and even after graduating three months ago, I’m still quiet. It is hard for an introvert to do this type of thing, but I’m hoping I can get more active this way and find other ways to find my forte and eventually break out of the darkness, which is basically loneliness, stuttering, not wanting to talk to anyone a lot. These last few years of school hit me hard and I don’t remember a lot of friends, or sometimes losing friends to talk to. I just want to try to do my best to give me back the ability to be more communicative and more happy than what I am right now. If you want, you can leave me suggestions on how I can improve communication skill and find some friends who want to do similar to YouTube and Twitch.

The Start of a New Blog

After taking a look back at the Vivaldi website and how much I love their software, I have decided that I wanted to create a blog for my viewers and other friends out there for my community. This will be mainly for posting stories of certain things of what happened and other things I would like to talk about. I’m not gonna necessarily be using this to post YouTube videos on as I would be doing that on other platforms like Vivaldi Social (Mastodon), Twitter/X (That is if I have to end up doing so), and Discord. I have recently uploaded a video which I will link down in the article, but beside the point, I wanted to make something I’m pretty sure some users would like to view.

Essentially, this will be a source of stories and whatnot.