My music tracks are now publicly available on my YouTube channel!

Here’s the thing. I did have my music on my YouTube channel in a playlist. However, you would have to navigate to the Playlists channel to access my music. You really wouldn’t be able to easily find it. Sure, I do release on SoundCloud, but the issue is there are actually limits on uploading for Free users. Once I reach that limit, I can’t upload any more without upgrading, and that costs money. Starting off, it’s not much of an issue, but if I highly get into it, it might be a problem. But not a lot of things are free at the start. You need to at least have something to start things off.

I think it was like, back in 2022 when I started trying out music production. It was with my first laptop which was a Lenovo IdeaPad S145. I started with making use of Beepbox when I made Resurrection and Lobby 1. Funny thing is, some people actually liked Lobby 1 better than Resurrection, even though some say I did impressive with Resurrection. Then I started using LMMS for making a track titled LMMS Bass Test, and I KID YOU NOT, LMMS Bass Test has been listened to more than the other ones I have on my playlist. It’d be funny if someone actually used it for a subwoofer powered sleep stream. After that, created Light Travel and Four. Though I think at the beginning, I have a feeling that I went a bit too long. I’m still learning. I’m creating something right now on my gaming pc, which I’m experimenting around with a couple VST plugins. Unfortunate thing is, it doesn’t feel easy to create music when you’re starting out. It takes me time to think about what I want to make next. I actually would like to try to make music in the future as well. Though I might have to hire an editor for my YT and Twitch stuff, which I’ll most likely end up doing if I get somewhere. I’m usually not too good for multitasking. I try my best though.

If any of you would like to check out the music I have created so far, this is the playlist I have designed for that purpose

Also consider checking out my YouTube and Twitch channel! I do gaming and hilarity there.