Here’s a couple things I would like to talk about

If you’re subbed to my YT or have seen my channel recently, you would’ve seen I have three latest videos titled Resurrection, Lobby 1, and LMMS Bass Test. Lately, I’ve been getting more into music production. Don’t get me wrong, my channel is still a gaming channel where I want to go through in the future. But whenever I’m on my own time, I would go on LMMS or Beepbox or Jummbox and play around with a bit of chiptune and notes. I also have another phone and a usb-c hub I can connect another USB Microphone I can actually use to record some sound effects to mix into it. I do know that music production is hard because I’m actually having trouble trying to get a beat in something I’m currently making. I don’t want to go too fast as if I want to continue also making music, it’s actually gonna take time for that. For this track I’m making, it’s supposed to be some type of chill beat. I do would appreciate any types of advice for future music and how I can get better at it, same for video editing.

Speaking of, I have actually made a schedule this time when I want to make videos. This is how I planned out my schedule for uploading:
MONDAY: Upload Video
TUESDAY: Clip for YT Shorts
WEDNESDAY: Upload Video
THURSDAY: Upload Video, Clip for YT Shorts

This is what I would like to follow by. As of now, I would like to focus on both Splitgate and Apex Legends. Apex Legends as it is still a popular game, and Splitgate as I’m still excited of the new game that the developes at 1047 (Devs of Splitgate) are creating! Once that launches, I’ll likely switch from playing Splitgate to playing the new game once it launches, but I do would like to actually do more of this in the future. My main focus for my main channel is to be mainly focused on a gaming comedy channel, and maybe livestream in the future.

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