My plans on YouTube & this related career

I recently have bought a used Geforce GTX 970 and was able to upload a video awhile ago. It was mainly about a video game where I grab blocks which are magnets and solve the puzzles by controlling the positive and negatives and enabling anti-gravity as well. Other than that, I still might be struggling to figure out things on what to record videos on as I don’t have a lot of things. Not even games in my Steam or Epic Games library. I don’t have a lot of friends at the same time who do YouTube or Twitch, so at the same time, it might be harder for me to do this. I don’t have the most powerful things such as a powerful gaming pc. I am saving for a Framework Laptop right now. I have a lot of money right now, but not enough to purchase it. I need to find a job at some point so I’m able to purchase what I have been wanting for the longest time.

I also have a podcast I would like to get back to. It’s just picking the perfect times the others will be available to get on Discord and record the podcast. I do have a microphone I can record on, which is not a bad microphone, though I would have to use Voicemeeter, which is not much of an issue.

There is another channel I want to create which is basically a comedy tech channel where I take a look at a bunch of technology things and gadgets I can find. In my current room situation, I would need to get a desk setup to get that far as from the wall to me is 20″, so that’s not gonna be enough room for me to do the thing. It might be a longer wait for that channel, but I still want to get the laptop first before I do anything else. If I’m able to as well, I would also be able to get a capture card and be able to use my laptop with the capture card to record from my gaming pc. Which will be funny because while my gaming pc runs on Windows 11, I’m gonna have Linux running on the Framework laptop which will HOPEFULLY end my distrohopping I’ve been doing too much of on the lenovo laptop that is failing on me in some ways (still works normally for the most part somehow), so if I configure Linux and OBS Studio on that computer right, I’ll be able to record things from that and also be able to record my Nintendo Switch as well, meaning I’ll be able to record some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sessions with others and some games I have or plan to get.

However, the way I talk is the main issue with me. From my last few years of school ever since the one thing restricted all of us in late 2019, I have been losing communication and stayed a lot more quiet and haven’t been wanting to do a lot of things. It was hard for me to talk more perfectly to people, and even after graduating three months ago, I’m still quiet. It is hard for an introvert to do this type of thing, but I’m hoping I can get more active this way and find other ways to find my forte and eventually break out of the darkness, which is basically loneliness, stuttering, not wanting to talk to anyone a lot. These last few years of school hit me hard and I don’t remember a lot of friends, or sometimes losing friends to talk to. I just want to try to do my best to give me back the ability to be more communicative and more happy than what I am right now. If you want, you can leave me suggestions on how I can improve communication skill and find some friends who want to do similar to YouTube and Twitch.